This musical play is an adaptation of poetry that began while I was wrestling with a novel.  I had already learned to trust automatic writing, so I kept at it till it displaced all other projects.  At the time, I was also counseling, using a weave of hypnotherapy, guided imagery, astrology and Tarot, an approach that emerged after a two-year initiation with inner guides, where one is, in effect, dreaming while awake.  Along the way, I learned that Jung called this Active Imagination, and that such inner journeying was practiced by the Order of the Golden Dawn, routinely by shamans, and can be traced back to Egypt, and Greek philosophers before Plato.  I found it also worked with clients, and presented it as a tool to take home and expand on.

I was "told" at the time the material was intended to be reshaped into a play.  A story was implied, but it first took shape as poetry, the guidance said, because that form can best carry the deepest truth of our nature.  A poem is like a crystal.  It can store ancient memories in its imagery and symbols.  To focus on a linear story-line would not have captured the nuance contained in the material I was given.

Though I had an urgency, I found myself hitting dead-ends each time I tackled the adaptation.  Only in the last two winters was I able to sit down and let it flow.  The play is now ready for others.  I wrote it, once again, to further my own journey.  But, as Joseph Campbell pointed out, the result of the hero's journey is to bring back to the community something it is missing, in this case, access to the archetypal world we each contain.

It may be I have captured enough of the original energy that this bit of "fantasy innertainment" (as I call it) will prove to be as rewarding to others as it has been to me.  I make no claims, but it now feels appropriate to release it, first as an eBook experience.  Browse the site, and see if this form of inner journeying is for you.

For those tired of the lies and myths media and culture feed us, this tale also serves as an empowering counter-narrative.  It reminds us, what stirs the imagination shapes our world, so be careful what stories we tell ourselves, for we become them.