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"Every phenomenon has two roots, one accessible to sense perception and intellectual investigation, the other to intuitive and artistic experience..."

Below are some recommended links, for those interested in either more facts or just background on the themes in my story:

In his book, In Search of the Lost Feminine, Craig Barnes offers a well-researched analysis of how our culture lost touch with the feminine aspect of soul.  He details how the myth of male superiority arose, that has shaped us till now.  A revealing interview (currently unavailable) is reproduced here.

Richard Wagner, knowingly or not, turned the Norse myth of Odin into a commentary on Western culture.  A summary of his epic tale of the woes of Wotan is here.  View opera video clips here.  Comparisons of his Ring myth to Lucas' Star Wars abound online.  A simpler summary is here.

Eckhart Tolle is an outstanding messenger addressing this illusory state we accept as normal.  His book, The Power of Now, is about tapping into the power of the transcendent in every moment.  Joe's journey in Sweet Remembrance explores a central theme Eckhart deals with, namely, we cannot stay present as long as we deny emotional pain.  His website is here. One of many powerful interviews, You Are Not Your Mind, is here.

In form, Joe's journey after dying is based on the tale of Beatrice leading Dante into Paradise, with both breaking into song when that serves.  I was less concerned with capturing the typical features of a near-death experience.  For an eye-opening and heart-opening report of one such experience, tho, that echoes Joe's tale, review the near-death exerience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict, here.  More and more such cases are being recorded, if you wish to research further.

bulletAs a pertinent aside, this play is dedicated to the philosophy expressed in The Great Scroll of Wisdom, which speaks of the union of Spirit and Flesh, as one and the same.  Read it here.