What makes sacred art is its higher frequency, which naturally dissolves patterns and beliefs of lower frequency, such as fear.  Intent evokes appropriate archetypes which embody in the design, whether building, painting, literature or music.  In theater terms, by romancing the Goddess (thea in Greek), one's psyche becomes a stage on which Her divine players enact their messages. The result is art as sacred act, art even as peak experience, where energy beyond the world of form is made available at a cellular level.

To the Greeks, theater went beyond entertainment, which focuses on the tangible and the ordinary.  It was sacred, a forum for therapia,"doing the work of the gods," which was to consciously evolve the soul, or psyche, represented by the butterfly.  Another long tradition, the Bardic, used poetry and song, ceremony and dance, magical tale and myth to anchor the mysteries and keep the Otherworld accessible.

SWEET REMEMBRANCE is an attempt to revive such traditions, to explore the mythic, archetypal dimensions of Being, but in the modern dress of today's musical.  It is being offered in eBook form to make it more widely available.  Imbued with higher frequencies, it asks only that we be empty enough to become the theater in which the Divine Mystery and the many masks of Self can appear.  A shamanic tale from the stars, it provides the power of myth, music, poetry and symbol for regeneration, healing and enhanced creativity, if we are but willing to be shown how to become a Conscious Dreamer.

In an age when the arts, especially drama, have become the dumping ground for ego-based fantasies, confusions, and manipulations, there is a need to co-create a reconnection with greater reality.  Artist and audience are once more called to assist in this great work.  Such is the role of shamanic story-telling.  SWEET REMEMBRANCE is simply one example.